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Protection for Mahmuda’s pregnant daughter

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Case Study 1: Protection for Mahmuda’s pregnant daugther

“My name is Mahmuda Begum and I live in Naltola Union of Barguna Sadar Upazila in Barguna district. My daughter is pregnant and as a part of our culture, she came to my house from Dhaka. But where would I keep her. The tornado on 28th February completely blew my house. I was feeling hopeless and at the same time very worried about my daughter.  few days Jago Nari and Plan International together provided me with 4500 taka and after couple of days another 7000 taka. With that money I repaired some part of house where my daughter is now staying and bought some nutritious food for her and the family. I am still repairing the whole house. Although the amount of money was small but it protected my daughter, my little grandchildren and my family members and it was quick. I am grateful to Start Fund, Jago Nari, Plan International and the People of UK who have come to my aid in my dire need. At the same time I also urge to the government and others to help me fully reconstruct my house which will require a lot of money.”