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What JAGO NARI Stands for

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Every human child is born with fundamental rights. Each child is unique and has the right to a name and a nationality, the right to grow up in a safe and protective environment, an education, food, recreation and play, the right to health and proper health care,. Each has the right to participate in matters that affect them and the right to be treated equally. Every child has the right to be protected from all forms of abuse and exploitation.

These rights are among the ones set out in the United Nations Conventions on the rights of the Child. Since its adoption in 1989, the convention has become the most widely accepted human rights accord in history. Its principles guide all that JAGO NARI tries to do in its project area. We speak out for the rights of every child and every woman in villages where communities are illiterate. We defend human rights as well as child rights in rural and urban areas. JAGO NARI campaigns peace, security and the articles enshrined within the UNCRC to promote and protect the rights of children. We work towards complimenting the SDG Goals. We work for equal rights for girls and women and their participation in community development. We work for the progress promised in the charter of the United Nations.