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Abdul Latif wishes a long life for the people who have helped him

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Abdul Latif lives with his wife in Kalmegha Union of Pathorghata Upazila in Barguna District. His house was completely destroyed due to the tornado and have thus received support from Jago Nari and Plan International “I am over 80 years old and my wife is a disabled women with hearing and listening problem. On the night, We almost died, a big tree fell right on top of our house and our house got completely squashed. I am lucky to survive, but on the next morning, I was thinking where I will keep my wife. At this age, I am not able work. Sometime I even beg for food. I had no idea how on earth I was going to recover from this. During that time our local member identified my house as a fully damaged household and after almost 2 weeks I received 4500 taka from Jago Nari and Plan International. They told me that I will again receive 7000 taka more for repairing my house. With the money immediately I brought some medicine for my wife and also bought some rice and other food items. My son also repaired the toilet. With the rest of the 7000 taka and with some support from the local people I repaired my house. I don’t know how long I will survive but I wish with all my heart that those who provided with me and my wife with this emergency protection have very long lives”