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Lifesaving aid being delivered to the rapidly

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Case Study 2:

Mr Abul Kalam Azad is the elected member of Ward 7, Kalmegha Union under Pathorghata Upazila of Barguna district.  On 28th February when the tornado struck in his area he rushed to the people for helping and soon understood that poor people of his area are very highly affected as many lost their houses. Immediately he informed the Chairman of hiss union and provided some people with little support. Soon Jago Nari and Plan contacted him for finalizing the beneficiary list.  “As a member of local Union Parishad, this is the first time I have seen lifesaving aid being delivered to the local people this rapidly. From the Government side we have also provided people with relief. But we haven’t been able to reach all and with the help of our Chairman, UNO, and Deputy Commissioner this gap was nicely covered by Jago Nari and Plan International. I thank Start Fund for their mechanism which I think is absolutely vital at places like ours where disasters are sudden and damage is massive and which are less reported nationally. Overall the work was quick, precise and very accountable and we as local representatives were involved from the very beginning.”