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To support the poor and most vulnerable people especially women and children who are socially and economically disadvantaged, living in the urban and rural settings of Bangladesh to eradicate poverty and injustice through providing a range of rights- based services designed to improve their quality of life. These services are principally, protection, education, healthcare, skills training, socio-economic development and participation. They are provided in ways that reinforce the culture, faith, and value of them and are also offered fairly, relevantly and without discrimination.


Setting up an equitable, capable, democratic and peaceful society without poverty and injustice in the country in which every person enjoys their rights to a life with dignity.

JAGO NARI’s values

JAGO NARI has taken sides-we are on the side of disadvantaged women and children –those opposed by poverty and exploitation. JAGO NARI’s values are to

  • Respect a human inherent abilities
  • Believe in every person’s ability to achieve, succeed and contribute.
  • Enable women and children to take control and positively change the directions of their lives.
  • Work in ways that demonstrate respect for the individual.
  • Develop a wide range of partnerships, encourage funders, supporters and other development agencies to join us on the side of disadvantaged children and women. Besides Commitment,
  • Transparency, honesty, Trusty, creativity, loyalty, equal right are the values of the organization.
  • Proper initiative for technology transfer in the areas of agriculture, forestry, fishery and livestock.
  • Lobbing to make such laws that ensure women’s rights.

JAGO NARI's Objectives

JAGO NARI employs all the endeavors with an aim to improve the socio economic condition of the poor people. To achieve the same JAGO NARI launches its programs with the following objectives:

  • To enhance the socio-economic condition of the poor people through under taking strategic programs and projects,
  • To ensure women rights in the field of decision making in the family and in the society and to increase their participation in developing financial activities and build leadership.
  • To establish and protect human rights of the distressed and deprived people of the society.
  • To help in rehabilitating the peoples, affected by cyclone, Tidalsearch, river erosion and provide awareness on Health & Hygiene, Safe Water and nutrition to the destitute community especially towomen and children.
  • To undertake programs for environment promotion and environment friend agriculture and to make the community resilient in terms of climate change adaptation

Video About Our Story

JAGO NARI has started its initiatives in 1998 as a non political, non profitable, right based and non government Organization. Jago Nari committed to participate in promoting national development through upgrading the socio-economic condition and protecting the rights of the disadvantaged and poor communities of the society.

Meet The EC Committee

Hamida Begum

EX-Banker, Pubali Bank
South Barguna, Barguna sadar

Niger Sultana Azad
Vice President

Social activist
Chorkoloni, Barguna Sadar

Hosne Ara Hasi

Social Activist and Journalist
West Barguna, Sadar Road, Barguna

Kazi Selina Akter
Joint Sectary

News Presenter
Amtolerper, Barguna Sadar

Sahera Khatun Rubi

Social activist
Bank Koloni, Barguna Sadar

Adv Ronju Ara Shipu
Executive Member

Advocate, Barguna Judged
Chorkoloni, Barguna Sadar

Mst Shahana Yesmin

Government Employee
College Road, Bargun Sadar