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Reflection Workshop on Low-tech Innovation Project

JAGO NARI with the help of Save the Children arranged a workshop at 9th December, 2021 about ‘Reflection workshop on Low-tech Innovation Project’ at the Conference Room, Barguna Pourashava. There were 35 participant from Cohort (Barguna Sadar, Taltali), Save the Children Representative and JAGO NARI staffs present at the workshop. The main objective of the workshop to find out the learnings of the cohorts from the module which they received and attend the module in the November Month. Their learnings, sharing the knowledge with community, feedback from the community how the community received their learnings was the main discussed issues in the workshop. At first the introduction session conducted and provide a short brief of Low-tech Solutions Project. After that the participants divided into five groups and input their ideas of 5 questions which we set previously. All of the groups present their group work in a short and shared their ideas from group work. So many ideas regarding our questions have generated from the participant and also a session of open discussion was conducted for elaborative ideas.

The ‘Capacity Strengthening of Marginalized Coastal Communities through Low‐tech Solutions’ Project is implemented by JAGO NARI and supported by Save the Children at the Barguna Sadar and Taltali Upazila.