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Terms of Reference (ToR) for Compilation Report and Presentation Preparing in English on Budget Analysis Bengali Report

Terms of Reference (TOR)

Producing Report and Presentation Documentary on Budget Analysis and RCA of REE-CALL 2021project




JAGO NARI(JN) has been implementing Resilience through Economic Empowerment Climate Adaptation Leadership and Learning (REECALL 2021) programme since 2011 and the first phase has completed by March 2017 with some unique achievements which is funded by Oxfam in Bangladesh. Meanwhile the project got the flagship status for its special traits of Water, Work, Women and Inequality. The project is continuing its second phase till 2022 building upon the achievements. There are several tremendous works and models developed under the project recognized by the government and international forum. Number of adaptive and diversified livelihood options increased economic empowerment of the vulnerable women and men in the working areas. Frequent disasters and adverse effect of climate change are causing huge challenge to establish access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene and sustainable livelihood options and works. The project is intended to capture some of its bast practices based on these long team development interventions at three climate vulnerable zones.


The results obtained after reviewing the budget of the Union Parishad and RCA will be communicated to the concerned stakeholders at the Upazila level. As a result, the preparation of women-friendly budget and recognition of women’s service work, the way to reduce the pressure of women’s service work will be a little easier. Under this project, various development activities are being undertaken and implemented through CBO. One of the objectives of this project is to empower women, that is, to develop women’s leadership, to ensure fair rights, and to help create women’s economic leadership.In its continuation, gender change at the community level and at the union level to facilitate women’s economic leadership through changing the existing power structure in society, creating women’s position in the market system and realizing the importance of women’s unpaid service work, redistribution and recognition of service work. Done.



The purpose of this assignment is to document project interventions of the targeted project locations specially targeting project model interventions in Coastal areas highlighting the work of the results obtained after reviewing the budget of the Union Parishad and RCA will be communicated to the concerned stakeholders at the Upazila level as well as the formulation of women-friendly budget and recognition of women’s service work, the way to reduce the pressure of women’s service work will be a little easier. These are the ones to be prepared and presented in order to highlight the national and international level.






Only one high-qualitative Report and Presentation On Budget Analysis and RCA of REE-CALL 2021 project learning and best practices of the report on two broader issues. The project works on a number of issues like Budget Analysis and RCA and so forth. The themes of the Report and Presentation will be finalized in consultation with Consultancy Company. The length of the Report and Presentation should not be more than 10 pages and 20 slides.Our expectation is that both the report and the presentation should be more significant, well organized, analytical and All stages of reporting and representation should be appreciated.



  • Draft a brief outline and slide setting for production of the Report and Presentation types
  • Consultation with JAGO NARI & Oxfam to finalize the documents and production plan.
  • Before creating the report and presentation inspect our sending reports and then create your report and presentation with Graphical data.
  • Through the report, the accessibility of all women and the recognition of women’s service work can be realized.
  • Recognition of women leadership and service work through presentation can be understood with graphical information
  • Before finalizing the reporting presentation, the availability must be verified by showing JAGO NARI and Oxfam.
  • Ensure all compliance and ethical guidance of Report and Presentation as directed by JAGO NARI& Oxfam.
  • Create or arrange background score. Post production/editing to be done in consultation with JAGO NARI and Oxfam. Narrate, edit, and produce a high-quality documentary of the Report and Presentation.
  • All signed informed consents forms (to be provided by JAGO NARI) to submitted to JAGO NARI.
  • Submit 2 individual Report and Presentation documentary (By separate folder)
  • The approval of the Report And Presentation histories to be provided by JAGO NARI and Oxfam.



  • Establish and facilitate contact & coordinate with Project Coordinators for the Report and Presentation preparing with support of Oxfam
  • Review and approve the work plan, including schedule for Reporting and Presentation, timeframe
  • Provide relevant documents
  • Identify thematic cases for documentation in collaboration with Oxfam and other project partners.
  • Provide feedback when and where necessary
  • Review and approve the draft and final production as stipulated in the deliverables section of contract
  • All Interabove mentioning documentation costs during the reporting period will be covered under contract with the consultant.



  1. The consultant agency shall commence the work as soon as possible, immediately upon signing of the contract.
  2. The consultant agency will carry out the tasks within 15 days (including weekends) from signing of agreement.
  3. A detailed timeline, work plan and draft outline should be submitted prior starting of work.
  4. The draft report and presentation should be provided to JAGO NARI and Oxfam for review, comments and approval.
  5. The final report and presentation as well as all the raw information and project files should be delivered to JAGO NARI within agreed timeline.



Payments of total budget will be processed upon delivery of the following product along with invoice:

  • Detailed timeline, work plan and draft outline (40%)
  • Final submission of report and presentation, Project files & all raw information (60%), signed informed consent forms. As part of the compliance, each person recognizable in the report and presentation must sign an informed consent form.
  • The financial proposal should appropriate TAX. JAGO NARI will deduct Income Tax and VAT as per government rules and policy at source from the agreed consultancy amount for national consultant and firms.


  1. Experience in high qualitative reportage and presentations /documentation
  2. Ability to operate under strict time limits and apply high production and technical standards for the purpose of maintaining high level of professionalism
  3. Ability to communicate both in Bangla and English
  4. Have smellier previous track experience and background.
  5. Please submit required document by 7 July 2021 in following emial: jago_nari@yahoo.com

For Individual Consultant

  • Maximum 2 pages’ profile highlighting related assignment completed with client name, contract person and mobile number along with detailed CV;
  • Financial proposal
  • TIN certificate and any other relevant document (if necessary).

For Consultancy Firm

  • Maximum 2 pages’ Firm profile highlighting related assignment completed with client name, contract person and mobile number.
  • Financial Proposal
  • Lead Consultant’s (who will lead the assignment) Maximum 2 pages CV highlighting related assignment completed, role in of the completed assignment.
  • Other Team members’ (who will involve in the assignment) one paragraph short CV highlighting related assignment completed and role.
  • Firm’s Certificate, TIN and VAT registration.